Residual Management

Pioneer automates the cumbersome process of residual calculations.

As a company created by ISO’s for ISO’s, Pioneer knows what it takes to manage residuals from merchant portfolios.  The complexity of calculating agent residuals, each with its own unique cost schedule or residual split, can be simplified using the central platform of Pioneer. 


Pioneer provides complete control of merchant billing and residuals from its central platform and accounts for every single interchange category, association assessment, and processing passthrough cost. Once the month-end billing process is complete, Pioneer calculates net income and residuals for each sales office with built-in flexibility as to how baseline costs and percentage splits are applied. The residual process is completely automated to ensure the calculations are accurate month after month. Because the process is automated, portfolio managers can pay out residuals as soon as a few days after the month closes, shortening the month-end process.


The residual process is inherently complex because of the unique arrangements portfolio managers have with their resellers. Pioneer simplifies the residual management process by allowing portfolio managers to define the parameters of each unique compensation agreement, then does the heavy lifting of calculating results at month-end. Finally, portfolio managers can be in control of the residual process without the hassle of manual calculations or third party software.


It's important to have visibility into profitability across your portfolio as a whole as well as at the individual merchant account level. Pioneer delivers both with its user-friendly dashboard, allowing for drill-down into detailed activity as needed. Agents can access residual information, merchant activity, and metrics for only their portfolio of accounts using a specialized dashboard created specifically for this purpose.