Merchant Billing

Pioneer enables ISO’s to manage merchant billing in the way that works best for them within best practices for transparency and accountability.

As a company created by ISO’s for ISO’s, Pioneer knows what it takes to manage merchant portfolios.  The complexity of managing portfolios across multiple processors or financial institutions can be simplified with Pioneer.  ISO’s who process on more than one platform can receive settlement files from multiple processors and manage a single, efficient billing process in the central location of Pioneer. 


Pioneer empowers ISO’s to determine exactly how they want to bill merchants and on what schedule. With Pioneer’s dynamic billing configuration, there are endless possibilities for billing options. Instant access to profitability metrics allow ISO’s faster access to cash flow.


Merchant billing is based on interchange and association assessments, so it’s imperative that these values are current. Pioneer calculates all interchange and assessments at the transaction level so that ISOs know the exact cost of every processed item. Finally, ISO’s can be in control of managing these baseline costs to ensure no money is left on the table.


Gain visibility into portfolio performance as a whole or drilldown to see profitability for a single transaction. Everything ISO’s need to optimize portfolio performance is a click away.