Settlement Accounting

Pioneer incorporates financial accounting best practices to quickly identify and resolve settlement discrepancies.

Pioneer’s dashboard view reduces the settlement account reconciliation  and reporting process from hours to minutes.  Our platform is designed to eliminate manual data entry to increase efficiency in your operations.  The result is a reduction in overhead to provide an immediate boost to your bottom line.

Automated Reconcilation

Eliminate the cumbersome process of manual reconciliation which often includes reading multiple reports in different formats, consolidated to a complicated and unreliable spreadsheet. Pioneer systematically reconciles the settlement account each day from a central dashboard so that you have the peace of mind knowing every penny is accounted for.

Quick Issue Identification & Resolution

Daily settlement totals are reconciled quickly and accurately so that accounting can make a quick go or no-go decision for merchant funding. Identify discrepancies, resolve, and move forward so that you will never miss a settlement window again.

Accurate & Timely Financial Data

An ISO’s settlement account can be a “black hole” of unknown items if not properly accounted for. Pioneer accounts for all of the in's and out's of an ISO settlement account with minimal effort. Month-end revenue and cost data is available the moment merchants are billed, resulting in quicker access to cash flow for ISOs. Association and sponsor bank reporting are automatically generated at month-end, reducing the time spent on cumbersome compliance requirements.