Risk Management + Mitigation

As a company created by ISOs for ISOs, Pioneer knows what it takes to manage and mitigate portfolio risk.

Pioneer has the most sophisticated and comprehensive risk dashboard for flagging merchant issues before they are funded.  The risk dashboard applies twenty one customizable variables at both the merchant and transaction level to every authorization, capture, ACH, and dispute.  The results are true merchant analytics based on historical merchant activity.


Pioneer’s twenty one different risk variables allow ISOs to customize risk scoring based on the nature of their overall portfolio. Even more, ISOs can customize these risk scores down to the merchant and transaction level. This level of customization allows ISOs to focus on the issues that are the most relevant to their own portfolio, reducing the overall time spent on risk review and increasing the effectiveness of the risk review process.


Pioneer allows ISOs to take control and manage risk on their own terms. ISOs can set merchant-level funding delays to allow additional time for risk review before merchants are funded. ISOs can also customize the length of time chargeback reversals are held before being paid. Greater control over the risk process results in fewer losses and increased profitability.


Timely risk decisions are impossible without immediate visibility into the availability of merchant funds. Pioneer provides a complete accounting of reserves, transactional/batch holds, disputes, as well as ACH Return activity. The dashboard view provides dynamic visibility into these balances customized for each operational area.