Merchant Funding

Pioneer puts ISOs in control of how and when merchants are paid, all from one centralized platform.

Historically, ISOs have worked with disparate systems that require making changes that affect funding in multiple places.  Human error and inefficiencies result in funds paid that once gone, cannot be recovered.  Pioneer allows ISOs to seamlessly control the flow of settlement funds to drastically reduce losses from bad debt and funding errors.


Whether you’re holding merchant batches, setting up a reserve, or collecting chargebacks, every financial change is immediately reflected in the next batch through the central platform of Pioneer. Merchants can easily opt in or out of next day funding. For riskier merchants, easily configure a funding delay on daily batches or chargeback reversals.


Pioneer’s dashboard view provides summary and drilldown detail into every merchant deposit. Pioneer’s customer service view mirrors the merchant’s portal view to facilitate efficient customer service.


Pioneer accounts for all financial activity affecting the settlement account instantly. Once received, deductions such as ACH returns and chargebacks are applied to the merchant’s next daily deposit so that ISOs can be proactive in collection efforts. Pioneer accounts for all interchange categories and every association assessment, ensuring ISOs pass through all baseline costs to merchants and resellers.