Split Funding

Pioneer offers fully automated and customizable split funding for payments made to unlimited lenders.

With Pioneer’s split funding functionality, ISOs can offer direct funding to an unlimited number of split funding agents all from the same operational platform.  


Pioneer's split funding functionality can be customized to match each ISO's unique split funding needs in a matter of minutes. Pioneer's ability to provide direct funding to split funding agents means there is no need to outsource or incur any additional cost for this valuable service. ISOs can add an unlimited number of split funding agents and specify any term of repayment as needed. The split funding functionality works in tandem with risk reserves and next day funding to ensure risk exposure is limited. For easy oversight, ISOs can set set up customized notifications for split funding activity.


In an environment of declining profit margins, it is becoming nearly impossible to compete on price alone. ISOs must differentiate themselves with innovative service offerings and do so at minimal cost. Split funding is just one of the many unique functions offered within Pioneer at no additional charge so that ISOs can stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Split funding calculations must be precise for every loan and each repayment on that loan until the loan is complete. Pioneer handles all of the details so that ISOs can focus on sales. Once a loan and its parameters are entered, Pioneer automatically splits the merchant batch into the appropriate amounts for funding, tracks the loan balance remaining, and alerts operations when the loan is nearing its completion.