Reserve Management

Pioneer delivers real-time reserve management at the merchant level with robust reporting capability.

ISOs can seamlessly mitigate riskier accounts through Pioneer’s robust reserve management functionality.   Easily adjust reserve amounts and limits, facilitate merchant releases, and provide detailed ledgers to sponsor banks or other third parties in an instant.


Pioneer's reserve management functionality enables ISOs to set reserve amounts withheld according to the unique needs of each merchant's risk parameters. Set a reserve percentage to be withheld from every batch the merchant processes. Or, set a goal so that amounts continue to be held systematically until the goal is reached. With Pioneer, ISOs are in control of the amounts reserved and in turn released to merchants from those reserves.


ISOs who manage their own reserve accounts understand that maintaining the accuracy of this balance is critical. Pioneer tracks every addition and subtraction from the merchant reserves, at the reserve account level with drill-down detail to the merchant level. View this information as of any given date to ensure that your merchant reserve account is always in balance.


Merchant reserves and the ability to hold merchant batches are center to an ISO's risk management strategy. Pioneer allows both capabilities while maintaining the accuracy of these balances separately. When merchant accounts become more likely to turn into collection efforts, Pioneer immediately and systematically acts as a collections agent for the ISO by retaining all available credit amounts to apply to bad debt. Risk managers also have a variety of tools available to act quickly and effectively to minimize bad debt exposure.